Saturday, February 9, 2013

Trip Start-up

This trip combines two of our favorite countries: France and Italy.  And focuses on one of our favorite pastimes: drinking wine.  First, we return to Paris for the Wine Salon, and then we head for Italy to learn all about the wines of the Piemonte.

Last year, Frank was so impressed with the Paris Wine Salon, a tasting extravaganza with literally 100's of French independent winegrowers, that we had to return.  And of course, you will never see Anne turn down a trip to Paris!  This year's visit will be even more special because son Marc and his wife Michelle (aka M & M) will be joining us.  We plan to really soak up the joie de vivre!

After Paris, the two of us head for the Piemonte region of Italy to check out a little la vita bella Italian-style.  We'll visit Turin, rent a car to explore the small wine villages in the area, and wrap it all up with a few days on Lake Maggiore.

We will post our trip reports and pictures as we go. We always love to hear from you, so please feel free to add comments.


Frank and Anne

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  1. Sounds like my dream vacation! I'll be anxiously awaiting your posts.